Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Inspiration: Pinterest Edition

Attention party planners and food lovers: we have a Pinterest!

Check out our boards at The Wall - BYU . We have a plethora of food inspiration (including a whole board dedicated to gourmet burgers), party planning hacks, decor ideas and more. And we must say, Fall is the best time to explore Pinterest, or create a profile if you haven't yet. There are more beautiful autumn pins than we could ever dream of.

If you're looking for fall and Halloween inspiration we've got you covered. Here are our top 5 favorite fall pins of the week (all photo, decor and recipe rights go to the respective websites. Click on the title to be taken directly to each site).

1.  Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked Apples
From Tiffany at

Nothing screams fall like crisp apples. These tasty treats only take 30 minutes to make and they primarily consist of an apple... so they must be healthy, right? ;)

2. How to Host a Pumpkin-Carving Party 

The Halloween season isn't complete without some pumpkin carving. It's even more fun in a group! shares some great and easy tips to make your next pumpkin-carving party a success.

3. Candy Corn Punch

Anything with Fanta and pineapple is bound to be delicious. Plus, how cool is that candy corn garnish?

4. 5 Easy DIY Decorations for your Dorm Room

Glowing eyes, clothespin bats and water jug lanterns are just a few of the ideas you'll find from for decorating your dorm room this Halloween. Don't spend money on expensive Halloween decor, DIY instead!

5. Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles
From Alyssa at

Need we say more?

What are your favorite Halloween pins? We'd love to hear about them below!

Happy haunting!

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