Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The New Electric Sound Feature

The New Electric Sound

According to their Instagram profile, they are well brought up young men who respect their elders. They describe their sound as a surf-rock/oldies inspired band with a new twist and shout. Like a hydro-electric Surfaris Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by minotaurs from Buddy Holly's personally shaded zoo garden in the sky.

The New Electric Sound formed in 2011 in Provo, UT and released their first album in August 2012. They've performed in many venues since. Their songs have been in advertisements, web series, and YouTube videos. They released their first music video in late 2012 featuring the song "Heartbeat." They moved to Los Angeles, California in 2013 and have been playing shows throughout the West Coast ever since.

Their band is made up of five members; Scott Vance on lead vocals and guitar, Tom Brinton on bass and vocals, Ben Zabriskie on lead guitar and vocals, Tony Carlson on drums and vocals, and Nigel Goodwin on keys and vocals.

Time Magazine describes them as, “The New Electric Sound is a five-piece surf-pop-rock band that fuses simple, time-tested, ‘50s-era rock ‘n’ roll with current indie-pop styles, delivering something original, with a sweet sugar coating of nostalgic goodness. Young, handsome, and heavily cardiganed, The New Electric Sound reminds us that songs of love, innocence, and heartbreak are just as cool today as they’ve always been.”

We asked them several questions to introduce us to The New Electric Sound.

How did the band members meet?
Scott and Nigel went to high school together in Eagle, Idaho. Ben and Nigel were roommates in Heritage Halls at BYU. Colin and Nigel were floor mates in Deseret Towers at BYU. Tony's just some guy we met here at BYU! Go Cougs!

What are your spirit animals?
Colin: Giraffe (for obvious reasons)
Tony: Tardigrade
Scott: Afghan Hound
Ben: Cooper the Corgi
Nigel: Whatever Kanye West's spirit animal is

What is the craziest thing that has happened at a show below?
A woman dressed as a cat, on a day nowhere near Halloween, kept throwing dollar bills at us on stage while purring and saying that she was our number one kitty-kat fan. Either that or the time that we started playing a show for a room with zero people in it San Francisco. By the end of our set there were 6 people. Man, that was a crazy crowd.

What band do you guys fangirl over?
Colin: Frankie Cosmos
Tony: Blink 182
Scott: The Zombies and The Caesars
Ben: Mosco Rosco
Nigel: Kanye and The Kooks

How do you keep things fun on the road?
By having very deep, existential conversations, usually led by Ben. These generally end up with us coming away very enlightened, confused, or angry; oftentimes all three.

What is one thing you cannot live without?
Colin: The New Explosive Sound
Tony: Taco Bell
Scott: Vegetables
Ben: The Book of Mormon
Nigel: Necco's

What is the your favorite thing to do as a band?
Eating as many tacos as we can and watching the O.C.!

Their album is available on iTunes here.
Their website is here.
Youtube channel is here.

Instagram: @thenewelectricsound
Twitter: @thenewelectrics
Facebook: The New Electric Sound

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