Wednesday, September 16, 2015

5 Must-Haves For An Islander BBQ

1. Get leis for all of your guests

Wearing a lei is the perfect way to get your guests involved and feel in the mood of the islander theme. Greet your guests with a lei and then they get to keep it to take it home! You can find some great ones on Amazon like these.

2. Decorations to get in the mood

Small touches can make a huge difference! We used little touches like creating a corner with tikis in it.

At The Wall, we have a giant chalkboard on one of the walls. We wanted do a fun drawing and we found this one. We wanted to do a simpler version of it so we pretty much traced the edges!

For the centerpieces we used a stick of bamboo with ocean shells surrounding it and added a few flowers on top.

3. Great food

For our Islander BBQ we have two options: The Hawaiian burger or The Spamster burger. Each had their own unique flair that includes some traditional food from the islands to our American burgers.

4. Poster/Invitations

Make sure to either advertise for your event or make invitations for your guests. There are lots of themes that you can pick from like beach, tiki's, floral, ect. For our event we did a vintage postcard look for our posters.

5. Find some amazing performers

We brought in a group called Happy Hula. They performed several different Polynesian dance numbers including a dance with split bamboo sticks as pictured below.

One thing that we loved that the dance group did was involve some of our crowd. They had them practice some Tahitian dance moves!

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