Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lunch With The Provo Mayor

We recently had the opportunity to have lunch with Provo Mayor John Curtis and Deputy Mayor Corey Norman at the Wall! It was a blast and a great chance to discuss growth and improvement in the community.

John Curtis has been the mayor of Provo, Utah since January 5, 2010. In his time as mayor he’s energized and strengthened the community in a number of ways, including:

  • Revitalizing downtown Provo (particularly Center Street and University Avenue), with trendy boutiques and restaurants and encouraging other businesses to build in Provo.
  • Being involved in the Provo music scene by supporting local concert venues and artists. 
  • Trying to bond and build up community relationships between Provo and Orem.
  • Building the Provo Recreation Center, which just so happens to generate the highest revenue of any rec center in the country (you read that right – the highest revenue of any rec center in the country).

All we can say is #Provorocks.

To get to know the mayor better, we asked him a few fun questions about his undergrad experience at BYU. Here’s what he had to say.

What's your favorite memory from your time at BYU?
   In 1979 I attended the BYU Jerusalem study abroad program. It changed my life.

Which building did you spend the most time in during your time at BYU?
   The Tanner Building

What was your hardest class at BYU?
   Stats 101. It was hard but I loved it and I still brag that I received an A grade.

What apartment complex(s) did you live in during school?
   I lived in King Henry. Some things never change.

How did you propose to your wife?
   I built a shadow box in the BYU wood shop that had all of our dating pictures in it with a note that asked her to marry me. I didn't know anything about woodworking so I bribed a roommate with a pizza dinner at Brick Oven.

Did you walk, bike or drive to campus?
   I had a VW bug and a bike. I used the bug to go to SLC to date the girl I would marry and used my bike to get around Provo and the campus. The attached picture is taken of me with by VW in the King Henry parking lot. I later traded the bike for a phone.

Mayor Curtis with his VW Bug 

Big thanks to our awesome mayor for lunching with us! We can’t wait to chat over burgers and fries again soon.

To learn more about Mayor Curtis and stay up-to-date with Provo city, visit his website and blog:
Instagram: @provomayor
Twitter: @Curtisut

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